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"Today we received payment in full from the Los Angeles Superior Court! If it wasn't for Jay's dogged determination, wily intelligence and just sheer joy of the chase it never would have happened. Thanks!"
H.F. - Los Angeles, CA

"Jay Rosenzweig of J R Investigations is awesome!! Jay only had limited information to find my mother whom I haven't seen since I was one year old. Basically, he only had her maiden name to go by and it was 21 years ago. I spoke with Jay on a Monday and he was confident that he was able to find her within a week. I thought he was joking, but he really did find her that following Monday. I remind you I didn't even know my mother's birth date or any other information besides her maiden name, but Jay still found her. Would I refer Jay to anyone? YES I WOULD!!
I hope you would give Jay a chance to help find your loves me!"

Susanna - Atlanta, GA

"My half-sister and I had lost touch with each other several years ago, and the last time I checked she had moved with no known address, and nobody knew where she went. The last time I knew, she had lived in California. I live outside the state of California, making it difficult to check on possible ideas, so I hired J R Investigations to help me locate my sister. Within one day of receiving my cleared check, J R Investigations gave me an address, an address out of state. In fact, it was in my own state, and I could hardly believe it. I was so surprised with the information, that I actually questioned the agency about the validity of the address. Jay assured me the information was the most accurate he could deliver. My husband and I traveled the next day to the city in our state Jay said she was living, found the address, and sure enough, she and her husband were living there. We visited for several hours into the wee hours of the morning, exchanged phone numbers, e-mail, addresses and vowed to not lose touch again.
I would highly recommend J R Investigations to anyone who might be trying to locate their relatives."

Elizabeth T. - Walla Walla, Washington

"Thank you Jay for finding my biological father. I now know where to send anyone that asks me about super fast, great cost, people finding services!"
Brett O - San Diego, CA

"You are the greatest PI on earth!...please give my name and email to anyone who needs a reference...The information you provided should definitely help my lawyer convince the judge that my former husband has the means to support his family. YOU ARE THE BEST!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU."
Carol G- Nashville, TN

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