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Shelly P..
Beverly Hills, CA
★★★★★ 9/1/2016

J R Investigations offers superior, quick and "smart" services. I needed a PI to serve a very difficult person to find and not only did JR Investigations swiftly serve this person, they also provided a video of the process serve! If you've ever had to serve someone who is in full avoidance mode, you can probably imagine how satisfying it was to receive a video of the service from JR Investigations---priceless! IMPECCABLE services and the best money I ever spent.

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Emily C.
Berkeley, CA
★★★★★ 09/08/2016

I received Jay's contact information from a friend when I told I her I needed a background check conducted. I called him and left a voicemail and Jay called back within 5 minutes! I was already impressed. I told him what I needed and Jay sent me an estimate within the hour after we hung up the phone. I paid through his website, which was super simple. Even better, Jay had the results for me the following morning. Excellent service, accurate and thorough results, honest and fair pricing. Highly recommend Jay!

Los Angeles, CA
★★★★★ 2/25/2016

Jay is truly a brilliant & professional private investigator with equal measure of tact and talent! I contacted him to find my birth sibling - a search 40 years in the making - and, with only a birthdate, gender, and location he delivered accurate and informed results within 72 hours! I was overwhelmed! I was particularly struck by how passionate Jay is for his profession - in particular his talent for finding "lost" persons and ensuring a swift and thoughtful reunion with searching parties. He came across as knowledgeable about the many different circumstances surrounding these cases and with sincere compassion about the sensitive nature of family matters. It took me years to make the phone call and was immediately put at ease that I had called someone who cared about the uniqueness of my situation and someone with whom I could trust with my story. Ultimately, he delivered photos, contact information, links to social media and background information on the person I was seeking which led me to what will hopefully be a thoughtful and safe reunion for my family. I'd call him an angel if it wasn't too clichéd...though it would be appropriate to how I feel. I give him my utmost recommendation and regard.

Deb V.
Memphis, TN
★★★★★ 02/26/2015

This past weekend I had the most amazing experience with J R Investigations. I decided late afternoon to do something about my lying deceiving significant other. Jay took my information and before the evening was over he had the proof for me. He was on the phone and texting me when we hit a bump in the road, but never gave up on my case. I felt a personal and dedicated connection from him. I chose him because of the reviews and it paid off!!! They are real people.

Frank V.
Simi Valley, CA
★★★★★ 12/13/2014

My wife had done some work on finding my biological parents. Unfortunately, she could only go so far. After seeing a special report on KTLA, we decided to contact J R Investigations. My wife handed over all the information we had. We contacted him at 12. At 7pm (same day) while shopping at Target, I got a phone call. By 7:30 I was talking to my new sister (in the Flour isle). I can't say enough about J R Investigations. I would refer them (as I have) in a heart beat. Thank you so much for a new chapter.

Superb service was provided by J R Investigations. Got the information I was looking for in 24 hours vs. the absolute worst service by another PI who scammed me for $185 and provided false information. I would recommend J R Investigations to everybody who needs this kind of service.

Nancy C.
Huntington Beach, CA
★★★★★ 1/1/2014

Jay helped me in finding my biological birthmother. He made the initial contact for me with a sibling who was willing to speak with me. I now have answers to many questions and have more family. I was extremely fortunate as the whole process took less than a month. It was the best new years present ever! I would recommend Jay highly. He was responsive to questions and leveled with you on the chances of finding a birth parent.

Edward W.
San Francisco, CA
★★★★★ 12/21/2013

I saw the good reviews on Yelp, called JR and explained that I needed to find my ex to resolve some legal issues. Within two days he gave me her address (after checking to make sure it was the right address) and the fee was quite reasonable. In his communications with me, he was polite, cordial and confident. I highly recommend him.

Rose E.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
★★★★★ 8/31/2013

My daughter was missing for 4 month. Jay R was able to find her and track her within minute. Thanks to technology and Jay R expertise. She is coming home this week.Jay R you are awesome. Brilliant P.I. I could not thank you enough.:)

Kris R.
Moore, SC
★★★★★ 6/4/2013

Jay assisted our son in finding us. He is my husband's son and we just met him a couple of months ago. When we were contacted by Jay and saw the pictures of a son we never knew, we were delighted. Our son looks so much like his father and it turns out they have so many things in common. Our two younger sons are thrilled to have an older brother and he is just as happy about his 2 younger brothers! Once I saw his photo, I immediately felt so much love fill my heart and our relationship has become very close and special. We have been in touch with each other pretty much daily since we first met and recently had a wonderful weekend together. None of us wanted our time together to end and greatly look forward to future visits. We cannot express enough appreciation for the fantastic job that Jay did in connecting a father and son! He was looking for his father, but he got an entire loving family!!! .

Jeff B.
Malibu, CA
★★★★★ 5/17/2013

I have used Jay several times to both find and verify information which was hard for me to do. His knowledge and skill have saved me money and time. I will continue to rely on his work to further my own business.

Jocelyn L.
Beverly Hills, CA
★★★★★ 5/14/2013

I work in a law firm in Beverly Hills. We have used JR Investigations for any of our investigative matter, from locating defendants to asset searches. He's always the first we turn to and have almost always had same day service. If it's going to be a little more difficult, he lets us know in advance, but the job is always done to 100% satisfaction. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Allan R.
Calabasas, CA
★★★★★ 5/7/2013

One of my associates was spending time with a man she had just met. There was just something not right about this guy. I asked Jay to do a background check and within the same day, I was able to get the complete criminal record of this character. My associate will be very pleased that Jay and I have protected her.

Peter D.
Calabasas, CA
★★★★★ 5/1/2013

Never hired a PI to investigate a "new" person in my business life before. Found Jay through my network of friends and associates. I gave him the basic outline of the needs I had. He explained what he could do for me ... and just as importantly ... what he could not do. I appreciated his honesty and clarity.

He charged me a fair price. Come back to me in a very short period of time with a great deal of the information that I was both interested in and needed to know. While I was disappointed that I couldn't discover everything I wanted, Jay provided me with everything that was achievable ... and a few extras besides.

I will contact him again when the need arises. I have already recommended him to two of my associates.

Stuart H.
Calabasas, CA
★★★★★ 5/1/2013

J R Investigations is as professional as can be. When it comes to background checks, this firm is second to none. When I needed information regarding information on finding information, he has always come through. One can use large firms if they want, but for a personal experience, J.R. Investigations is the way to go.

Jeffrey F.
Littleton, CO
★★★★★ 2/1/2013

I hired J R Investigations to locate a classmate who had disappeared 50 years earlier. With determination, perserverance, and creativity. Jay Rosenzweig, for a very reasonable fee, was successful in locating her. Bottom line- I would recommend J R Investigations to anyone.

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